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Bite-Size Horror with Mars Candy

Mars Candy and FOX are delivering “bite-size” horror to viewers everywhere.

Picture this: you’re sitting on your couch, enjoying your favorite ice-cold beverage, when the game breaks for a commercial. You’re about to watch what you think is another harmless Skittles commercial, when you’re taken on a 2-minute horror adventure that delivers chills down your spine. What happened to tasting the rainbow?


Survive the apocalypse with help from Costco

Does the state of the world have you worried about the apocalypse? Well, Costco might have a solution to put your mind at ease, or at least help you feel more prepared. The wholesale retailer sells a 1-year emergency food kit for $999.99, according to an article in the Denver Post. The kit is made up of nearly 100 gallon-sized cans that can collectively provide 6,200 servings of food, including wheat, rice, granola, assorted fruits and vegetables, beef, chicken, and more.


Retailers say no to the "Black Friday Creep"

Thanksgiving Day shopping.  A topic that brings almost as much controversy to the holiday as your cousin Sarah’s latest tattoo or that new stuffing recipe from Barefoot Contessa your mom tried last year (if you can’t grow your own wheat to grind your own flour to bake your own bread from scratch for your stuffing, then store bought is fine).


To Amazon, or Not to Amazon? That is the Question

They’ve been called “The Everything Store.” They’ve been described as “being all things to all consumers.” Over 80% of Americans plan to shop their site this Holiday Shopping Season*. They are leading the eCommerce push in the grocery industry. Shoot…I’d bet you have even heard strangers on the street singing Amazon’s praises, “it’s just so easy…I ordered paper towels in literally 10 seconds yesterday, and they were at my doorstep today.”


Socially accepted, or socially awkward? Recent highlights in social marketing

You see just about everything in social media these days. Daily controversial tweets from the US president, countless Game of Thrones memes and gifs, “twitter battles” between competing athletes…the list goes on seemingly forever. For the average consumer, social media provides can’t-miss content, and is often where they turn for breaking news, a quick laugh, or a bit of controversy.


The Newest Innovations in Digital and In-Store Shopping

Whether you prefer to shop from your phone while browsing social media, or you enjoy the act of visiting your favorite department store, the next wave of shopping innovations is making the experience easier for both types of consumers. 

The latest (and weirdest) news from Amazon

The world is a strange and sometimes terrifying place. Given Amazon's prominence in today's world, it's not too surprising that the eCommerce giant is making some odd headlines too. Today, we're recapping a few news stories about Amazon that you might have heard about and some that might surprise you. Let's take a look at what the online shopping empire is getting up to lately:


Publix Takes it to the Curb

Publix is tossing its hat (back) into the online grocery ring.  The regional grocery chain announced last Wednesday that it would begin testing curbside pickup the following day at two locations in the Tampa Bay area, with plans to add Atlanta-area stores into the mix by the end of the year.  Customers will be able to place their orders online on the website, and can choose between curbside pickup or delivery via Instacart.


Are you ready for some football? Amazon is!

50 million dollars. That's how much Amazon reportedly paid the NFL for the rights to stream 11 games this season. Starting last night, football guys and girls alike were be able to stream Thursday Night Football  (TNF) online. There's just one caveat - it's only available to Amazon Prime members. 


Kroger Opens it's Shelves to Local Brands

The Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods has had much of the grocery industry shaking in their proverbial boots. However, as the details of Amazon’s plans for Whole Foods continue to surface it’s becoming clear that, while it most certainly will bring pain to competing grocers everywhere, it will also bring windows of opportunity that competitors can take advantage of in an effort to fight back and stay relevant.



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