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Oscars Ads

The Oscars air this Sunday, the 26th, on ABC. According to The New York Times, the awards show is the second largest showcase for national television ads after the Super Bowl. This year, ABC is charging about two million dollars for a 30-second spot broadcasting during the Academy Awards.


Walmart Sales

Although Amazon has been known to set the tone in online retail, Walmart’s newest numbers are proving they’re gaining momentum. With recent changes to their shipping policies and an attempt to expand their online grocery business, Walmart’s fourth quarter online sales grew at a faster pace than Amazon’s.


Walmart vs. Amazon

Three weeks ago, Walmart decided to scrap their ShippingPass program (which offered free shipping on everything in exchange for a $49 annual fee) and began offering free shipping on all online orders of $35 or more. Amazon has now followed suit, offering free shipping to their non-Amazon Prime shoppers spending the same $35 minimum on an online order. Amazon Prime members already get free shipping on all eligible orders after paying the $99 annual Prime membership fee. This shows that Amazon is paying close attention to one of their biggest competitors, and are working hard to keep their consumers shopping with them.


Snickers’ Swimsuit Issue

For the third year in a row, Snickers has bought the back cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Last year and this year, they purchased the inside back cover as well, and stuck with the theme of “you’re not you when you’re hungry.”


Spotify Playlist Ads

In a new ad campaign from Wieden + Kennedy, Spotify is tapping into their listener data for oddly-named playlists. According to an article on AdWeek, the music streaming service is running out-of-home placements for six weeks in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. The ads feature humorous copy that calls out amusing playlist titles, like “sorry I lost your cat” and “I don’t know how to make a playlist.”


Red Bull Prank

In the latest viral campaign from Red Bull, the energy drink brand pranks Chicago Cubs third basemen, Kris Bryant. According to an article on Ad Age, the video was shot last March in Las Vegas, where the 2015 National League Rookie of the Year thought he was shooting a routine batting practice video. However, the sound guy working the shoot was a bit strange - Hall of Famer and former Cubs pitching legend, Greg Maddux, dressed in full disguise, including a fake beard and beer belly.


Presidents' Day Promotions

While Presidents' Day traditionally is a day to celebrate our American President, honoring the birthdays of Washington, Lincoln, and other figures, it's also a big weekend for retail.


Five Promotional Insights

Communication and insight-sharing are essential parts of a strong buyer-supplier relationship. Market Track knows that buyers keep a busy schedule, but they also look to their sellers for insights on how to grow category sales. When your brand is positioned to answer their key category questions, they will look to you before the competition.

In our latest report, we cover consumer behaviors, competitive promotions, and sales trends –breaking these areas down into five questions that will help you become a valuable resource to buyers...

1. Are consumer behaviors and preferences changing?
Sharing insights on consumers of your brand that your buyer may not know will give you a leg up on your competition.

2. How does competitive promotional pricing compare? 
Market Track equips you with the knowledge of competing retailers priced promotions for your category this week last year. 

3. What products and pack sizes did competitors feature?
Know if they're more likely to promote the same/different SKUs year-over-year using FeatureVision® category summaries to highlight differences.

4. Did promoted prices and products vary by market?
Understand how weekly competitive promotional offers vary by local market and give your buyers detailed insight into variances in competitive promotions by store.

5. Did competitors promote the category in digital? 
Share visibility into other marketing channels that competing retailers use to promote your category year-over-year.

Download the full report for Market Track's comprehensive category insights


Apply Lipstick to Your Selfie

L’Oréal Paris created a Valentine’s Day Snapchat filter for the holiday. The lens promotes the brand’s Infallible Lipsticks line by giving the user a variety of different lipstick colors to choose from. Once you choose your color – it will outline your lips in all selfies and videos taken within the Snapchat app. It also gives you a variety of eyeliners to make your eyes pop on this special day.


Valentine's Day Insights

Our Shopper Insight Series Survey has brought along a few great insights regarding the February holiday. We surveyed 1,000 consumers in January, 2017, to see their plans for shopping for Valentine’s Day this year. Some highlights are shown in the infographic below:



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