Lidl Store Layout

Published on: June 16, 2017
By: Market Track Insights

IMG_9959.jpgLidl’s U.S. location in Hampton, Virginia celebrated with their grand opening yesterday, June 15th. A lot of questions were answered about how the layout of the store would compare to U.S. competitors such as Aldi and Trader Joe’s. We were able to collect some observations from a store visitor that made it to the Hampton location’s grand opening. See below:

  • Large parking lot with free carts located under cart hanger
  • Approximately three free sample stations set up around store
  • Store layout was accurate to how the store was presented in Lidl’s magazine
  • Very private label focused with a smaller national brand presence
  • Merchandise very similar to Aldi as displayed in cardboard boxes
  • Promotions marked on big orange signs that state sale price, regular price, and percent off
  • “Surprises” section that has new products every Thursday and Monday – two full rows of general merchandise
  • Organic section featured a mix of shelf stable items such as juice, cookies, crackers, canned goods, and rice/pasta
  • Seasonal section featured “Get Your Grill On” with items like paper plates, cups, condiments, charcoal, ice cream cones, lighters, and pickles
  • Two Italian sections in the store
  • Beer/Wine section was relatively large compared to the size of the store
  • Check-out had ten lanes, all of which were open, and featured a lot of impulse merchandise such as gum, candy, and hand sanitizer. Also, a display of Father’s Day cards available by registers.
  • Bring your own bags and bag your own merchandise (bags available for a minimal fee)
  • Walmart can be seen from the parking lot, and Aldi and Kroger are near by
  • Manufacturer coupons are not allowed – but there is an app with coupons available
  • Store consisted of about 90% grocery, and 10% durables
  • Some national brands seen were Coca-Cola, Danimals, Purex, Clorox, Johnson’s Baby, Desitin, Pampers, Jiff, Nutello, Tide, Listerine, Crest, Old Spice, Sensodyne, Nestle, Ben & Jerry, and Kingsford Charcoal

Lidl Virginia.jpg

Other pricing and product observations:

  • IMG_0003.jpgAngus beef patties were listed as $3.79 on the shelf (see picture to the right), but the circular that starts on Monday featured them as $4.48 regular price, and $3.49 on sale
  • Yellow peaches were $1.49 on shelf, $1.49 as regular price in circular releasing on Monday, and promotional price of $.89
  • Grills in “Surprises” section were $19.99 – about 50 stacked – no other grill assortment available
  • Peanut butter selection featured creamy, crunchy, and organic

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