No Nintendo Switch Deals This Holiday

Published on: November 24, 2017
By: Dan Muller

Nintendo Switch Holiday

I’m not much of a gamer these days, but I can’t deny the popularity of gaming systems around the holidays. This season, the Nintendo Switch is one console that appears to stand out from the others, specifically because there aren’t any deals on it. The videogame news website Polygon reported this week that holiday shoppers shouldn’t hold their breath for deals on the Switch, cleverly stating that the only Black Friday deal is finding one in stock.

It’s no mistake that there’s significant hype around the Switch – Nintendo has a whole series of TV ads that showcase the wide variety of gaming titles available on the new system, including the latest installments of Zelda, Skyrim, and Mario Kart. The ads also place focus on the system’s flexibility – gamers can play at home on their TVs or on-the-go with the handheld mode.

Mario Kart Ad.png
This 30-second TV ad for the Switch had its first run on 10/30/17; Source: Market Track’s Advertising Data

A friend of mine recently bought the Switch and I got to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for a bit. I tend to over-glorify the Nintendo 64 version, but this was pretty fun! There are some weird new items and characters (who the heck is Inkling Boy?), but it still maintains that classic Nintendo feel. This specific title can appeal to a wide age range and I get why it’s popular this holiday.

While is Nintendo showing no signs of discounting the Switch this year, other entertainment consoles are seizing the Black Friday opportunity. Polygon cited a notable deal on the PlayStation 4 1 TB Slim for $199.99 (regularly $299.99) available through Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers. Meanwhile, they also reported a deal for the 500 GB Xbox One S for $189.99 (regularly $279.99) at Best Buy, Walmart, and Game Stop (no Amazon on that list…yet).

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