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Publix Toasts Our Traditions

It’s blog confession time: Publix holiday commercials make me cry. 


Did Amazon Win Holiday 2017?

Last week, we shared an analysis conducted with our sister company, InfoScout, that reviewed major retailer’s promotional share of voice against the share of wallet they captured during the critical holiday shopping period. The findings show us that while Amazon is one of the loudest retailers during the season in terms of promotions and advertising, that doesn’t necessarily correlate to consumer dollars spent. You can review the full analysis here.


Amazon Dominates? For Black Friday, Think Again.

This blog is brought to you by InfoScout, a Market Track company, using both InfoScout and Market Track data.

It’s no secret that retailers try to get shoppers in the door earlier and earlier each year with Black Friday deals. And as these retailers compete with one another for those precious early dollars, consumers are bombarded with email marketing, online ads, in-store promotions, print mailers, and more. But does this influx of advertising truly result in an increased share of wallet for the retailer?


Nike Stands on its Brand

Market Track is about to release a point-of-view that shows the average depth of discount contained in the November print circulars of nine leading retailers is 42%.  This discount percentage is very similar to what was seen in 2016.  Not surprising, shoppers have been conditioned to buy on deal during the holiday season.


Top 10 Promoted Brands This Holiday Season

According to Market Track, the ten most promoted durables brands this holiday season (November 1st – December 18th) are as follows:


Will the End of Net Neutrality Affect eCommerce?

Unless you’ve been totally unplugged for the last 6 months, you’ve likely heard at least a little buzz about the ongoing “net neutrality” debate.  Well, on Thursday this debate came to a head when the FCC voted to undo a series of regulations, often referred to as net neutrality rules, that have regulated broadband internet access since 2015.  Many people believe that this decision could have long-lasting implications for internet usage, and as eCommerce is directly tied to the internet (duh), it’s fair to wonder what, if anything, the end of these policies could mean for eCommerce merchants. 


Holiday Delivery Delays

We’re currently in the thick of the holiday shopping season, but if you’re anything like me, your gift shopping is just starting. Despite the convenience of Amazon and online ordering, I remain a classic procrastinator. Unfortunately, that habit might come back to bite me this year as the Washington Post reports holiday deliveries are already falling behind.


Socially Festive

Tis the season for all things festive, including social media! It’s no surprise that retailers and brands are using every outlet they can to promote their products this holiday season, ensuring that they’re top-of-mind as shoppers scramble for the perfect gift. But the holidays aren’t just for those brands that make it on a consumer’s typical wish list (although, we wouldn’t say no to some KFC fried chicken under the tree). Many businesses are finding creative and festive ways to promote their brand this holiday season on social media, and we’ve rounded up ten of the most innovative.


Amazon Opens in Australia


We all knew it was coming – Amazon has officially opened in Australia. As suggested at Amazon’s Marketplace Seller Summit last month, the launch did not occur on Black Friday, but on the 5th of December – still plenty of time to get in a lot of holiday shopping.


Clash of the Titans: Google vs Amazon

ICYMI: Yesterday, YouTube (owned by Google) announced that it will no longer support service on the Echo Show and, starting January 1st, Amazon’s Fire TV — the latest salvo in what is apparently an ongoing war between the two tech giants.  Google and Amazon have been battling it out, a la King Kong versus Godzilla, for several months now and Google claims it’s taking this radical step for two reasons: 1) Amazon’s recent removal of new Nest products (like Nest Secure and the E Thermostat) from their platform and 2) their continued refusal to sell Chromecast or support Google Cast in any capacity.



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