Panasonic Film

Published on: April 20, 2017
By: Market Track Insights

Panasonic launched a new video ad campaign today, “Hollywood to Your Home,” which displays online and in-stores throughout Europe, the U.K., and New Zealand. The movie trailer-themed video was produced by ad agency Brave, and stars model Tana Boshoff. The two-minute trailer is meant to show off the quality of Panasonic’s 4K HDR TVs – with a lot of action scenes and high contrast movie sets. Brave creative director, Liam Fenton, tells AdFreak, “We wanted to create some of those spectacular scenes you see in typical blockbusters, the ones that people who buy these big-screen TVs love to watch.”

In a review of advertising for Panasonic, we found that they also advertised with a screenshot of the upcoming trailer viewed on the new Panasonic EZ1002 OLED TV on their Twitter account on January 5, 2017 – which was revealed during CES this year.




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