State Farm Drives Community Service After the New Year

Published on: January 5, 2018
By: Amber Kruczek

State Farm Community Service.jpg

Last week, Publix put a tear in my eye. This week – it’s State Farm. I am an advocate of community service, and co-direct the community service team here at Market Track. Therefore, State Farm’s newest campaign scores an “A” in my book.

Most people are in a very giving mood during the holidays. Donating to food banks, adopting families, giving toys to children, or volunteering at a soup kitchen are all fantastic. But what about after the new year? The need for giving never just goes away.

State Farm’s newest campaign encourages people to “Turn caring into doing” even after the holiday season. The commercial shows a bustling soup kitchen full of people, music, and cheer. As the season comes to an end, the food kitchen seems to run out of food, friends, and warmth (get your tissues). See the 60-second spot (first run on December 26th) below:

Back in March, State Farm created a platform on their website called Neighborhood of Good, in which users can put in their zip code and a list of local volunteer options shows up. To encourage people to make sure philanthropy is on their list of New Year’s resolutions, State Farm even created a Facebook picture frame you can add to your profile to help everyone get into the giving mood.

The insurance company doesn’t directly say “purchase our product” in this most recent campaign. However, they highlighted some realities many of us are familiar with, and have devoted their ad dollars to try to improve the lives of those in need. It’s all about loyalty and how consumers feel about a brand. Yes…. I am a State Farm customer. And No… they did not pay me to write this blog.

Happy New Year!



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