Top 10 Promoted Brands This Holiday Season

Published on: December 19, 2017
By: Amber Kruczek

According to Market Track, the ten most promoted durables brands this holiday season (November 1st – December 18th) are as follows:

  1. Samsung
  2. Serta
  3. Hewlett Packard
  4. LG
  5. Star Wars
  6. Disney
  7. Nike
  8. Microsoft
  9. General Electric
  10. Apple

It’s not surprising to see Samsung, HP, LG, Microsoft, and Apple among the top ten, as TVs, phones, fitness trackers, and other electronics are popular holiday gifts. Nike leads the fashion and sports category this season, with many promotions on clothing, shoes, cold-weather gear, and sports items. I am surprised to see G.E. among the top ten promoted brands this holiday season. As far as I know, not many people buy washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators, and garbage disposals as gifts, however I guess these types of products are probably needed year-round (being a home owner, I believe it’s true that appliances break in three’s). Star Wars and Disney head up the toy category. And what’s left… Serta. With all the holiday shopping, decorating, social gatherings, baking, and festive cocktails – it’s important to get a good night’s sleep. Serta is among the top ten promoted brands this holiday season, specializing in mattresses and pillows.

If these brands are going all out on promotions this year, what kind of advertising are they incorporating into their holiday campaigns? In a review of Market Track’s advertising data, we pulled a few of the most interesting ads from these top ten brands.


Samsung Holiday Ads-01.png

Samsung had a few different holiday campaigns, however the mobile and online display ads above were interesting in how the brand suggests downloading the Shop Samsung app to purchase exclusive offers straight from Samsung, instead of purchasing these items at, say, Best Buy or Target.


Serta’s holiday advertisements focused on Black Friday and Cyber Week discounts on their mattresses.

Serta Ads-06.png


HP has an online video out with a feel-good theme and the message, “a gift so thin, you can hide it anywhere”. A young woman wraps a laptop and hides it between a stack of books.


LG ads-03.png

LG had a social media campaign for Cyber Monday this year, with each post featuring a different gift idea. Each post includes a picture of the product, a quick description, and a sale and original price.

Star Wars

Star Wars Ads-07.png

Brands such as Spin Master, Lego, and Playstation are all advertising Star Wars products for the holiday shopping season. Mini robots, Lego gift sets, and a video game are only a small sample of the Star Wars branded products available this year.


Disney had quite a few social posts and online display ads for their Disney Store and Disney Baby products this season. Who doesn’t want adorable Mickey Mouse clothing for their babies?

Disney Ads-08.png


Nike Ads-02.png

Nike didn’t really have holiday-themed advertising this year but they did have quite a few seasonal ads, like the above online display advertisements featuring waterproof shoes to “weather any storm” and fleece. Even though the ads weren’t very festive, they promote products that would make great gifts.


Microsoft came up with a creative way to get visitors into their store. They have a wish machine set up, in which customers can wish for something, and Microsoft will select a few and make their dreams come true.


General Electric didn’t have many festive advertisements this year, however they did release a humorous viral video on November 20th about how to thaw a turkey.


Apple came up with a creative way to advertise their Airpods and iPhone X this holiday season. While the commercial doesn’t obviously point out the products they are advertising, it does a good job of making viewers want to find out about the wireless earbuds used in the ad.

All in all, it’s interesting to see what brands are doing for the holidays, when we most often see retailers pushing for customers’ loyalty. Personally, I have not purchased any of the top ten promoted brands this holiday season (unless you count HP ink for my printer).



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